Great Travel and Good Sleep

There’s a lot of emphasis on the part of travel which involves seeing new things and going on new adventures. At the same time though, it’s important to keep the basics in mind. This is particularly important if you’ll be traveling for an extended period of time. Now, if you’ll just be traveling for a few days, you can power through that, even with little sleep. But if you’re traveling for a longer period, you need to make sure you’re getting enough rest.

And a lot of this rest will depend on the quality of your room and bed. Nowadays, there’s no reason not to stay in a place which at least offers a decent place to stay. In fact, these kinds of places can easily go to an online duvet cover store, in order to help make sure that their rooms are very comfortable. So make it a point to choose a place where the bedding, the mattress and so on, are comfortable enough so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

Get Out There and Travel!

A lot of people say that travel is great and that it builds character and yada yada yada. But how many people actually do take the plunge and actually travel? My feeling is that a lot more people are doing so, but it’s not enough. Personally, I think that the more people who travel the better. We need to get to know one another, across national lines and state boundaries. We need to be able to understand people, even if they live on the other side of the world.

Travel can help with that. So don’t just wait until you’re older or richer before you finally decide to hit the road or get on a plane. Time is fleeting and before you know it, you’ll be bogged down by responsibilities and your job. If there’s an opportunity, take it! Don’t let it slip from out of your grasp. If you can go to the USA, do it! USA money transfers are easy anyway, in case something goes wrong. Just get out there.

Go Get Yourself a Website

Things are changing really quickly, and depending on what you do, if you want to be taken seriously, you need to have your own website. Just do it! It isn’t enough to have a Facebook page. What if Facebook changes the rules or whatever and screws things up for you? And a Twitter account isn’t enough either. It’s great for small bites, but there’s still the limit to each tweet to consider. What if you want to talk about something longer? Well, with Twitter, you’re going to be out of luck!

So get yourself a website! There’s really no excuse not to. There are so many ways to have a free website. But if you want to have something that’s really yours, you need to put some money where your mouth is. Get your own domain name! Get your own hosting! Find someone to make a great design for you, something like for instance. Then fill that website with your thoughts and wisdom.

Dating and Getting Out There

I’m all about just getting up off the sofa and going out. I guess it’s my nature. And this really applies to dating, since a lot of dating that takes place still happens over dinner and other similar activities. So if you want to find that special someone, you really have to get out there. That said, I can imagine how difficult it can be starting out. After all, where exactly do you have to go to find a potential date? It can get really frustrating after you’ve done just that and gone out, only to find that the people you meet aren’t really looking for a date, or are already attached, and so on.

So before heading out, it can help to lay the groundwork. Dating in New Zealand and other places can be made more successful by going online first, to find someone who’s also looking for a date. That won’t mean that things will work out perfectly, of course, but it could at least make the process more convenient and enjoyable.

Starting an Online Business: Do I or Don’t I?

Now that I have been blogging for a little while, I’ve been doing some research into how I can turn this into a paying gig! I’m considering paying for a focus group session in order to see if my ideas are worth pursuing, rather than sinking a whole lot of time and money into trying to launch a product nobody wants.

Basically what I’m thinking about is a new type of backup software – basically a way to backup to USB similar to I have a few changes in mind that I think would make it a lot better (I’m not giving away all my secrets just yet!)

Anyway – I guess we’ll wait and see, but I’ll be sure to keep my readers updated as to what’s happening in the life of this budding entrepreneur!

Out, And Stay Out

So my photographer friend from Auckland didn’t put his photos of my broken down house up on Facebook. He put them up on Pinterest. I could not stand it, he put photos of my house on the internet for all to see, and then when I politely asked him to take them down, he refused. So I politely told him to pack his bags and get out of the house, and he didn’t like that idea, so I politely started taking his things and carrying them out the front door and putting them down on the front lawn. Okay, it was less and less polite as time went on, but I’m sure things will work out between us.

So he finished the work that he needed to do in Christchurch, and left town. The last I heard about him was that he’s working in Wellington now and doing quite well, living in one of the best motels in Wellington. Well, Wellington is on a fault line so he may experience some shakes like we do down here in Christchurch, but probably not. Wellington has expecting the ‘big one’ for years, but its Christchurch who has gotten them all.

Snap Happy Couch Surfer

So recently I had a friend come to visit me in Christchurch, she is an Auckland portrait photographer. But because my spare bedroom has a hole in the ceiling, I gave her my room and I slept in the spare bedroom myself. Apparently she slept very well, but I was nervous during the night because I could see spiders and cockroaches coming out of the hole, so I stuffed some scrunched up newspaper into the hole and covered it up with masking tape. Not particularly professional, but it was the middle of the night, and I wanted to close the hole to keep the bugs out of my room and quickly go back to sleep, so aesthetics were not really a priority at the time.

Anyway my photographer friend thought it was interesting, and politely asked if she could take some photos around the house. She didn’t mean it as a joke, but genuinely had a concern for me and thought it would be great to get some pictures. Anyway, I hope she doesn’t go posting them on Facebook or anything, or she won’t be invited back!

I have to say though that that friend of mine can take some amazing photography. I’ve seen how she can take something really mundane, like a simple tree or even a piece of trash on the street and make it seem really awesome in some way. So I guess that if she were to take photos of the bugs, those snaps might turn out to be interesting at least.

Til next time,


Fixing Up After the Shakes

Hi, my name is Coloriages, and welcome to my blog, Coloriages à Gogo, named this way because I like to get up and go-go!

Recently I have had a whole bunch of earthquakes and aftershocks – I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, and earthquakes seem to be a way of life here. My house did not fall down in the big quake a few years ago so I am very lucky, but it has been a little bit damaged. The cracks in the walls, fortunately, are not big enough to make the house dangerous to live in, but they just look ugly and all my things are broken. On the positive side, I have not been hurt.

I have had some good success in making my house look normal again, and I wanted to share that success with you all so that anybody out there can do the same thing, without having to spend so much time learning how to do it like I did.

My windows were so dirty that I could not see through them no matter how hard I cleaned them! They looked like they had not been cleaned for twenty years. But I got these guys the ‘Local’s Choice’ to come in and fix them, and they look great now. I still think that they are the best window cleaning Christchurch has seen in a long time, so I recommend them to you.

Til next time,

- Coloriages